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    I had a problem with my 3DSystems Cube 3 printer where the print plate would shift during prints. The print plate is held in place by 3 magnets which are supposed to hold it steady. However it is able to move slightly which will throw off your print job while it is moving quickly.

    The solution was actually extremely simple and it shouldn’t void your warranty. I 3D printed 3 rings and used double sided tape to fix them to the bottom of the print plate. They fit perfectly over the magnets with no play and are not a tight fit. Since doing this, I get perfect prints even on tall objects.

    There are many different double sided tapes you can use but the one I used (in the picture) sticks very well and won’t come off when you wash the glue from the plate.

    I used PLA plastic, so if you use ABS, you may get different results.

    Once you print the 3 rings, test fit them on the magnets to make sure they fit perfectly. They should slide over easily but not be snug. You should be able to pull them off with no resistance. If they have any play in them (too big), you will have to adjust the size and reprint them. I included the OpenSCAD file to make it easier. If they are too snug (too small), you should be able to sand down the inside a little. I used a dremel to get a perfect fit. If you use a dremel, put it on the slowest speed, otherwise the friction will melt the plastic. If you print this on something other than the Cube 3, you will probably have different results.

    Once you are satisfied with the size, apply the double sided tape to the bottom of the rings and use an exacto knife to cut away the tape from the middle and outside. Make sure you don’t leave any in the middle so it won’t stick to the magnets.

    Then place the rings over the magnets with the tape side up. Push them down low enough so the tape will not stick to the print plate when you place it on.

    Put the print plate in place and make sure it is straight. I’m sure it doesn’t matter how straight it is. It just matters that it doesn’t move. But I’m OCD so…

    Once the print plate is exactly where you want it, reach under and push the rings up onto the print plate.

    Remove the print plate and push on the rings to make sure they are securely stuck on.

    That’s it! The print plate should go on and come off easily and there will be no shifting during printing.

    Download the .stl here >>>

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