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I also only had the problem with ABS. PLA worked fine for me. ABS melts at a hotter temp, so it is more likely to have a temp error if you have anything wrong. It may be your power supply. I know on the other forum, they have a link for an exact replacement for $15 (it’s like $100 I think if you order it from 3DS). If I were to replace mine, I would consider getting one of the higher wattage ones that are made for 3D printers and other electronics. You would have to wire it up yourself and either cut off the old connector to use for it or buy a new connector. I’m not saying you should do that yourself, but it should eliminate any future possibilities of temp errors. In my opinion, the included power supply is underpowered. Otherwise so many people wouldn’t be having these issues. The fact that it only happened with ABS for me indicates a possible weak power supply.

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