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Short answer is yes, long answer is:
The BFB Tweaker python code I’ve written essentially tweaks the BFB code coming from Cube3 or Simplify 3D (with profiles I’ve created). The S3D profiles prior to running the tweaker code make the print as close to Cube3 print settings as possible. There are specific things the Cube3 and S3D output that you probably won’t get from other slicers without a lot of custom work. I am actually giving a little more control than Cube3 through S3D and python code. You can use Meshmizer or other open source programs to create supports, then print in Cube3 if you don’t have S3D.

The python scripts you’ve dug up from speglius are simple search and replace and does not take into consideration context. For instance after a layer change the first series of lines is an outer perimeter, then an inner perimeter, then the solid infill or honecomb infill. You want accuracy on the outside and fusing on the inside and the only way to get both is to tune each separately. Cube3 and S3D are not only putting the feature type in specific order, but tracking and putting indicators (# vector XX). I’ve deciphered almost all of the # vector settings as well. And this is the first public post of someone saying what the # vector lines represent in Cube3 prints  😉


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