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Hi Mechanizer, I can help you on the speed, but it will take a week or two for me to find time to post my profiles and python code. Not at all based on what was done in the link you sent, in fact what spegelius is doing is fairly simple but does not give full control. Also some things he’s doing won’t work for Cube3. Simplify3D is definitely the best slicer, but you can get by with some free slicers as well, it’s just that you’re kinda on your own as I don’t have the time to match up the settings for a second slicer. Also there’s some built in functions that I suspect are unique to S3D.

On your direct drive design, not quire sure I understand what’s happening yet.
Is the grey part the existing extruder and you’re just adding a pass-thru shaft?
Are the brown parts bearings? I see that the red is the traditional direct drive.
What are you using for cad, I’m using mostly Solidworks these days but also have access to Creo.


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