Cube 3 Extruder Hub - FTF (Free The Filament)

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Cube 3 Extruder Hub - FTF (Free The Filament)

Post by MajorOCD » Fri May 11, 2018 12:44 am

This is intended to completely replace the cartridges and get less jams and better print quality.
Removing the cartridge cover to fix jams is a pain in the butt. At least for me. And having to take the cartridge off to change filament is clunky at best.
This is designed to not have to remove the cartridge unless there is a jam in the feeder (I have yet to encounter one). I came up with a way to load the filament with a print file (linked below).

Retraction is MUCH better with this mod. You don't get that clacking sound at all when it retracts and it doesn't leave those buggers on the top nearly as bad as with the cartridge. It is almost as good as my Prusa i3.
It is much easier to feed in new filament since I added a guide that brings it directly to the drive gear.

The extruder needs a small piece of tubing with a barrel nut. You can take what is already in there and screw the barrel nut on further so the tube is almost touching the drive gear, and then cut the tubing flush to the outside of the metal housing.
It uses the original screws, except it uses 4 of the countersunk ones. So you'll have to get 2 from another cartridge.

I added a feature to switch between ABS, PLA, and Rinse Away chips so you will never have to remove the Hub.

The chip changer uses a spring from a spare hotend.
I added letters for the switch. I for Infinity Rinse Away, P for PLA, and A for ABS. They are separate shells so you can print the chip holder in 2 colors.
I also converted "Chip_Changer_v2_14" into a .bfb file, edited it, and then converted it to a .cube3 file. The post needs to be perfectly round and it was getting blobs on one side due to retraction. I removed the retraction from the post and left it elsewhere. If you print Chip_Changer_v2_14.cube3 (put on a USB flash drive and print it directly) it will come out much smoother than printing the .stl from Cube Print software. I included the .cube3 and the .stl files in case you want to try another slicer, etc.

There are 2 versions of the fitting. One for M5 and one for M6 quick connects.

The screws that I used on this are as follows:
From left to right in the pic:
#4 x 3/8 (x4 - 3 for "Fitting.stl" and 1 for the chip changer lever)
#4 x 5/8 (x7 - 3 for "Chip_Holder.stl" and 4 for the clamp)

Every part is designed to print on the Cube 3 with Cube Print software at 200 microns. I did this because not everyone has a printer other than the Cube 3 and not everyone wants to use 3rd party software. This is important because, for example, if I try to print a part on my Prusa, the tolerances are not the same. Precision is vital to making this work.

Download the files here >>>
Get the Load Filament files here >>> viewtopic.php?f=6&t=14
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